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"Belfield PT was a Godsend for me. The staff are competent, knowledgeable and some of the kindest people I have ever met."

"I had never been to PT and did not know what to expect. The team at Belfield Physical Therapy was excellent and took a holistic approach to finding the source of my pain...Meredith and Jonathan worked with me on strengthening exercises and ultimately eliminated the pain I was previously experiencing."

"I am now able to return to daily tasks without help, can cook again and do my own gardening without injuring myself!"

"I came into Belfield's in a wheelchair. I am leaving without almost no impediment to walking. I am very thankful to Belfield PT. Everyone at Belfield PT is a great representation of helping hands."

"I enjoyed immensely working with Haley and Nancy. I am now able to do just about everything I could do prior to my shoulder issues that began years ago. The entire staff is both knowledgable and supportive while giving a little push to exceed if necessary. Thank you Belfield PT!."

"Since the beginning of my treatment with my knee until now with my shoulder and hips, I have been very pleased. Belfield PT has excellent staff. Everyone has been helpful in my recovery. Belfield PT has kept me active and walking."

"I have enjoyed coming here. All of the staff is enthusiastic, focused and committed to helping my recuperation from knee surgery. I have reached flexibility goals and swelling is improving."

"When I first came to Belfield PT, my left hip was paining me and would bother me when doing my normal activities. It was so bad I had to take pain medicine. Belfield PT has eliminated my pain and I no longer need pain medicine."

"I had limited motion in my arm and hand due to radial nerve damage. I am now able to have much more motion and increased strength. I'm now able to perform tasks that were impossible before."

"I recommend Belfield PT to everyone I meet who is in need of physical therapy."

"The entire staff has always been so friendly and helpful. I had a total knee replacement and Belfield PT helped tremendously with my motion. This office gets two thumbs up in my book."

"I can work on my cars again without pain."

"Since my physical therapy, I no longer have pain or discomfort in my hip. I have no issues climbing stairs and I can walk a much longer time without discomfort. I can also sleep through the night!"

"I was having trouble with bending my left leg along with any standing or walking. Working with Haley has been a true blessing and she has helped me become myself again. I'm back to moving around normally including working, lifting, squatting and now even jogging. I owe it all to Haley and the Belfield team."

"I feel pain free most of the time and I am not complaining about my neck hurting. I feel therapy was the way to go, expense-wise and for the short time it took from my daily activity."

"After my hip replacement, Belfield’s trained and professional staff carefully and methodically stretched and exercised my leg/hip muscles – which helped strengthen and add flexibility to these initially cramped and stressed muscles. Even after just a few sessions, I am much mAnonymousore limber and mobile than just after my surgery."

"I am now able to stay off oxygen. I could not wean off of it by myself. I feel like myself again."

"I had never before required the services physical therapy has to offer. I entered the experience with low expectations but came to believe in what they are able to accomplish. Perhaps the most important lesson they share is the value of patience and perseverance. My active life is back and I’m forever grateful."