These products have been staff and patient tested for reliable results. All products can be ordered by calling the main office at (804) 333-8222.


Pulley system used to gain shoulder range of motion and improved function overhead. These pulleys allow you to adjust the rope length as needed. Secures to a door frame for easy use anywhere.

Shoulder Pulley

Orthotics are custom designed specifically for YOUR feet to improve your running, walking, and balance by supporting the arch, cradling the heel, and placing your foot into a "neutral" position. When your foot is balanced and supported correctly, you're less prone to ankle or foot injury, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain as well. Custom orthotics can address issues resulting from heel pain, bunions, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arches, abnormal biomechanics, or poor lower limb alignment. Available in 3/4 and full lengths as well as a various degrees of firmness.


Orthaheel products have built in arch support to ensure proper foot control and position. Available in many sizes and a variety of men's and women's styles.

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  • shoesa
  • shoes
  • mensshoes
  • sandals

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The Stick to help provide tissue massage to all those achy and tight muscles. Great for athletes, especially runners!

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Biofreeze: Topical ointment to address all muscle/joint pains. Available in roll-on and tube versions.

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Thera-Band: Progressive resistant bands used to complete your home exercise program which allows you to maintain or build muscle strength outside of the PT clinic.

Stability Ball

Stability Balls: Stability, balance, or Swiss balls are excellent way to exercise at home. Your body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced by engaging many muscles, but especially those within your core, back, and hip complexes.

Stability Ball

Torex Ice Packs: Re-usable and long-lasting ice pack with a soft touch construction. They do not freeze solid and stays flexible. Non-toxic/latex free.


Hyperice products are designed to help individuals recover from intense sports training and conditioning, chronic and acute pain, swelling from recent injury and anything in between with high-tech devices specializing in percussion, air compression, heat/ice, vibration, etc.